• We are a boutique firm composed of multidisciplinary  attorneys and collaborators 

  • We provide legal and business services for  small and large companies, investors and startups operating in traditional and emerging sectors and aim to be a reference when it comes to cover their needs.

  • Our global and multidisciplinary approach and our long experience with all type of companies, sectors and projects gives us a remarkable understanding of our clients’ situation, uniquely positioning us to provide effective solutions.

  • We are made up of experienced lawyers with plenty of real life and industry experience, looking to provide quality services at a great price.


  • We have embraced technology while avoiding unnecessary overhead. We see technology as a tool to improve service, not a threat to our business model!

  • Obviously, we always like to meet in person in our new fancy offices downtown Valencia and we do it frequently whenever we are neededbut nowadays much of the work can be completed online, via email, phone or video conference (Skype, Hangout, Whatsapp, etc.).

  • For most people, it doesn't matter if your lawyer works in a large or a small firm. That is why we prefer to keep our overhead low so that we can focus on your interests, not billable hours.


  • We work with clients as a team, hands-on and with flexibility: we are in the business of solving  business problems, not legal problems!

  • Our approach on fees is flexible and on a value-based ... we're on the same side! We will work to find a pricing model that works for your company! In most cases, we can work based on regular hourly billing, quoted billing caps or fixed legal fees. When it comes to pricing, we let you choose how we bill you for legal services!

  • By keeping our costs low, we are able to pass the savings on to your company providing fast legal assistance at prices far below those associated with a traditional law firm.